Thursday, March 12, 2015


Ahhh, today was wonderful. :) I turned in my test for Anatomy & Physiology this morning and 3 hours later nearly jumped up and down with a 109 score.

Yaaaayyy for snow days that force your professor to give the whole class a take-home! Lol

Then a patio lunch downtown with the boyfriend enjoying gorgeous, spring-like weather and a 'give-me-more' spicy chicken taco. Fresssssh avocado, to boot. Yum!

70-degree weather, you are loved and always welcomed. :)

Welcome to the blog!

It's 3am and I'm writing a fresh post to start my 'second-est' blog ever. What better time to start, right?!

If you know me from Real Food Runner, thank you for visiting the new space! If this is our first time meeting, so pleased and honored to have you here. :)

My name is Katherine. And, I love words. Pictures. People. Places. My interests are so varied I often get side tracked before I finish a pursuit. Something I'm desperately working hard to tame!

Here's to predicted rambles where I'll post anything from succulent green smoothies that you'll want to reach in and sip for yourself, to 1/2 marathons, to tempting giveaways to cute pictures of the boyfriend, of course! ;)

It's a New Day where life is to the fullest.

Welcome aboard. = )